Technical Assistance in Iowa: Year 5

Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC) is collaborating with the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) on work around Iowa Core standards review, leadership development, internal organization development, and early childhood education.

Iowa Projects

Project 1: Iowa Core Implementation

This project is a continuation of work from Years 1–4. Earlier technical assistance focused on helping IDE develop common language for standards implementation as well as strategies and processes to review English language arts (ELA) standards and revise social studies standards. In Year 5, the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC) will continue to intensify its technical assistance to IDE.

Project 2: Leadership Development

In Year 4, MWCC and IDE finalized an annotated bibliography, developed educator standard alignment studies, and created materials to share study findings with multiple stakeholder audiences. Initial planning for internal stakeholder meetings to engage with the results of the studies also began in Year 4. During Year 5, MWCC and IDE will focus on implementing plans for internal and external stakeholder engagement with the results of the alignment studies so that they can inform cross-bureau initiatives and build a comprehensive leadership development framework.

Project 3: Organizational Development for Systemic Change

Initially, this project was discussed as potential future work in the Year 4 technical assistance plan. However, following a November 2015 follow-up meeting with the administrative team, this project was put on hold. For Year 5, IDE and MWCC reengaged in planning conversations about bureau or division-level support. IDE has asked that MWCC provide support to build the capacity of IDE staff to meet division goals and expectations—outside of specific content-focused projects.

Project 4: Early Childhood Implementation Science

Following short-term assistance in Year 4 providing content expertise and facilitation support for the Early Childhood (EC) Leadership Team, in Year 5 MWCC will continue to provide ongoing support to IDE and the EC Leadership Team as it engages in the collaborative development and implementation of a set of early childhood programs and practices across the states utilizing an implementation science framework.