Academic and Career Planning

Project State

This is the fifth year of the Academic and Career Planning (ACP) project. During the first 4 years of the project, MWCC worked with DPI to create guidance documents, develop a system for tracking student academic and career planning activity, establish an advisory council, develop a contract for a software tool, design the training and webinars for the pilot program, and create an evaluation plan, which was to be completed by an external evaluator. During Year 4, DPI took the lead on piloting the initiative with more than 20 school districts across the state, as well as designing meetings of the ACP Advisory Council. In Year 5, MWCC will continue to support various aspects of this initiative through thought partnering and stakeholder facilitation. The focus for the Year 5 work will be on supporting DPI with the next phase of state implementation rollout.

State Goal

To improve graduation rates and college and career readiness through increasing students’ ownership and buy-in of individualized education and career goals and pathways.


MWCC is providing technical assistance to DPI related to the following objectives:

  • To coplan ACP Advisory Council and stakeholder engagement meetings, and codevelop materials for evaluation of this group’s work.
  • To refine professional development and training, resources, and guidance on ACP resources and processes.
  • To codevelop internal and external communication plans.