Educator Career Pathways in Wisconsin

Project State

Project lead: Beth Ratway (

States and districts looking to address teacher shortages, significantly diversify the educator workforce to better reflect the student population, and close student opportunity gaps are increasingly interested in creating “grow your own” educator pipelines starting in high school. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) believes that PK–16 regional partnerships that bring together educator preparation programs (EPPs) and the districts where teacher candidates complete their clinicals are key to the development of successful educator career pathways. Although some Wisconsin schools and districts have individual relationships with EPPs, currently there is no strategic way for multiple school districts to work collaboratively with all local EPPs. To address this gap, DPI is convening seven PK–16 regional councils across the state.

The Midwest Comprehensive Center, in partnership with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders, is supporting this endeavor by providing thought partnership and content expertise in regular meetings with DPI and local partners focused on creating and implementing a strategic plan for Wisconsin’s PK–16 regional councils.

What Are We Doing?
  • Codeveloping a process for supporting the development of regional councils that bring EPPs and school districts together in a strategic and effective way
  • Facilitating a pilot regional council to provide a model for other regions
  • Codeveloping a plan for scaling up to seven regional councils across the state
Expected Outcomes
  • Members of the pilot regional council report that the council successfully created ongoing communication and collaboration processes with EPPs and local education agencies and is working toward autonomy from DPI.
  • Members of the pilot regional council report progress on enhancing or creating educator career pathways in their region.
  • DPI staff members report increased preparation to establish PK–16 regional councils.
  • Great teachers and leaders
  • College and career readiness