Equity in ESSA Stakeholder Council

Project State

In spring 2016, DPI began in earnest to plan for the new federal education law—ESSA. A big focus of the planning at that time was to engage in stakeholder listening sessions. DPI held three in-person sessions across the state, conducted two virtual sessions, and provided a Google Form for individual feedback. In addition to these meetings, the state superintendent, Tony Evers, commissioned a stakeholder council whose specific task is to look at the ESSA planning through an equity lens.

DPI staff, an external facilitator, and MWCC staff will participate in a series of six meetings with stakeholders identified by the state superintendent. The meetings will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to build a background on ESSA and explore implications of equity for policy and practice in Wisconsin as it relates to ESSA. The project began in Year 4, with the first two meetings taking place in August and September. The last four meetings will take place in Year 5. MWCC is providing resources for the external facilitator as well as serving as a thought partner during the planning of stakeholder meetings. In addition to participating in the development of the agendas, MWCC is assisting with note taking and synthesis of meeting outcomes.

State Goal

To address achievement gaps, specifically increasing college and career readiness from 32 percent to 67 percent; increase the graduation rate from 85.7 percent to 92 percent; and close college and career readiness gaps by 50 percent.


MWCC is assisting DPI in holding a series of six meetings with a broad group of stakeholders, including education professionals and civil rights groups from across the state.