Evidence-Based Practices in Minnesota

Project State

Project lead: Mara Schanfield (mschanfield@air.org)

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is currently developing a user-friendly list of evidence-based practices to support schools and districts across the state—especially those identified for comprehensive support and improvement under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Areas of interest include supports and interventions related to graduation, math instruction, English language arts instruction, special education, English language learners, attendance, and school climate.

Building on a previous collaboration between MDE and the State Support Network, the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC) facilitated a training in September 2018 to teach MDE staff how to interpret existing studies using ESSA’s evidence tiers. Now, MWCC is providing more intensive support to build the department’s capacity to review and classify evidence-based practices.

What Are We Doing?
  • Engaging with MDE staff to determine ESSA evidence tiers for the department’s proposed list of practices
  • Facilitating a virtual training on the ESSA evidence tiers and their application for Regional Centers of Excellence staff
  • Providing districts a webinar series on evidence
Expected Outcomes
  • MDE staff have a better understanding of the requirements for evidence-based practices under ESSA.
  • MDE staff have the knowledge and skills needed to review practices using ESSA evidence standards.
  • ESSA
  • School turnaround
  • State capacity and productivity