Iowa Equity Review

Project State(s)

Project lead: Jim Colyott (

The Iowa State Board of Education identified an equity goal related to closing racial opportunity gaps, and the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) is committed to providing more technical assistance to districts and schools to achieve this goal. Although IDE has developed equity-focused resources, it is unclear to what extent IDE staff, districts, and schools are using these resources. IDE wants to ensure that the agency’s work is aligned with Iowa’s equity issues, accountability systems, and technical assistance activities.

To support these efforts, the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC) is conducting a review of equity-related initiatives, practices, and policies across all IDE divisions. Based on the findings, MWCC will work with IDE to develop an action plan to address any equity gaps identified.

What Are We Doing?
  • Conducting a document review and interviews with IDE staff and key stakeholders across the state
  • Developing and presenting a findings report
  • Codeveloping an action plan to address inequities in IDE policies, practices, and activities
  • Providing thought partnership and coaching to IDE during plan implementation
Expected Outcomes

IDE has improved organizational structures and processes to identify and address inequities in its policies, programs, and activities.

  • Equity
  • State capacity and productivity