Leadership Development

Project State(s)

In Year 4, MWCC and IDE finalized an annotated bibliography, developed educator standard alignment studies, and created materials to share study findings with multiple stakeholder audiences. Initial planning for internal stakeholder meetings to engage with the results of the studies also began in Year 4. During Year 5, MWCC and IDE will focus on implementing plans for internal and external stakeholder engagement with the results of the alignment studies so that they can inform cross-bureau initiatives and build a comprehensive leadership development framework.

State Goal

To increase the capacity of district administrators to effectively manage multiple state reform priorities, implement the Every Student Succeeds Act, and turn around low-performing schools by strengthening and aligning the leadership development system.


MWCC will provide technical assistance to help IDE share results from educator standards alignment studies and the annotated bibliography with internal and external stakeholders to inform needs assessment and identify alignment opportunities across initiatives.