Organizational Development for Systemic Change

Project State(s)

Initially, this project was discussed as potential future work in the Year 4 technical assistance plan. However, following a November 2015 follow-up meeting with the administrative team, this project was put on hold. For Year 5, IDE and MWCC reengaged in planning conversations about bureau or division-level support. IDE has asked that MWCC provide support to build the capacity of IDE staff to meet division goals and expectations—outside of specific content-focused projects. Targeted technical assistance will be provided that aligns with the five division drivers and four areas of focus to increase division efficiency and effectiveness: alignment, routines, communication, and capacity. MWCC will broker technical assistance for IDE staff to participate in VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations.

State Goal

To build internal capacity to lead, manage, and implement key initiatives.


MWCC will help to strengthen communication and problem-solving skills that can be used to improve internal and external communication and coordination.