Performance Evaluation Advisory Council Guidance (PEAC)

Project State

As all districts across the state begin to implement new evaluation systems in the 2016–17 school year, PEAC has begun to consider the kinds of additional support it might provide to districts, specifically creating an environment that is focused on implementation of best practices in evaluating all aspects of teacher practice. In addition, several Race to the Top districts and early implementers, such as School Improvement Grant (SIG) schools and districts, have begun to think about the next evolution of their evaluation systems. Connecting evaluation systems with professional growth of educators and supporting effective teacher practice through timely and specific feedback, as well as through conversations driven by continuous improvement cycles, are the cornerstone to moving evaluation systems beyond an accountability-only culture. PEAC intends to create guidance and other materials for districts to do just that—move beyond a compliance-driven system to a system that closes the gap between the promise and reality of professional practice data, and truly raises the quality of instruction. In Year 5, MWCC, in partnership with the GTL Center, will continue its support for ISBE and PEAC to codevelop guidance resources.

What is PEAC? The Performance Evaluation Advisory Council, or PEAC, is a 32-member body appointed by ISBE to create a new way to evaluate teachers and principals that incorporates student growth measures.

State Goal

To provide support for every student by highly prepared and effective teachers and school leaders.


MWCC, in collaboration with ISBE, will focus on codeveloping research-based and user-friendly guidance documents to support the capacity of local educators and leaders to build upon evaluation systems in order to enhance teacher learning and growth.