Scaling Up Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Project State

Integrating lessons from ISBE’s 5Essentials Survey (a survey of school climate and learning conditions administered statewide), Race to the Top reform initiatives, and For Each and Every Child Education Equity and Excellence Commission, ISBE is partnering with associations and organizations from around the state to create a guiding coalition focused on building high-achieving collaborative districts through PLCs that focus on learning and results. The guiding coalition will provide research-based tools and resources, paired with professional learning, to foster effective implementation and sustainability of PLCs throughout the state. Participating districts will work to create or strengthen and sustain a PLC where key practices and strategies are embedded into the culture. MWCC will partner with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center) to support the PLC Guiding Coalition purpose, vision, collective commitments, and agreed-upon goals to move the work forward. MWCC will partner with the Building State Capacity and Productivity (BSCP) Center to assist ISBE with a strategic communication framework that helps build support and buy-in throughout the state.

State Goal

To support all students by developing highly prepared and effective teachers and school leaders (Strategic Plan, 2016).


MWCC, in collaboration with ISBE, will focus on several areas, including identifying participating districts, designing and implementing a train-the-trainer PLC coaching academy, and creating effective communication strategies. MWCC will be providing technical assistance to ISBE related to the following objectives:

  • Developing a project plan to guide the rollout, implementation, and success indicators of the statewide PLC initiative.
  • Creating a website for networking districts to share information, resources, tools, and opportunities to document and learn best practices from professional colleagues’ implementation efforts.
  • Developing a strategic communication framework.