Social and Emotional Learning and Online Student Safety in Wisconsin

Project State

Project lead: Sokoni Davis (

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has noticed an increased demand for information, resources, and support to address online safety. Furthermore, the link between online safety and other DPI initiatives involving social and emotional learning (SEL) and school safety is not clear, particularly the ways that they mutually reinforce and support one another. As a result, DPI needs to identify existing resources on these topics, centrally locate them, and determine gaps. Meanwhile, it is also critical to understand the research behind the relationship among social and emotional development, digital learning, and school safety to ensure that resources are evidence-based. In addition, DPI wants to know more about how students use their social and emotional competencies within online spaces.

The Midwest Comprehensive Center, in partnership with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, is providing thought partnership and content expertise to DPI and partners as they create a common knowledge base on the intersection of SEL, school safety, and digital learning.

What Are We Doing?
  • Providing the research base connecting SEL, school safety, and digital learning through a literature review that aligns two DPI initiatives
  • Helping DPI develop deeper knowledge of how students view SEL and digital learning in the context of school safety through focus groups
  • Expanding DPI’s resources and programming opportunities—such as train-the-trainer modules and infographics—to support student social and emotional development, school safety, and digital learning
Expected Outcomes
  • DPI staff have increased knowledge of the connections among SEL, school safety, and digital learning in the research.
  • DPI staff have a better understanding of how students view SEL, school safety, and digital learning.
  • Intra- and interorganizational relationships improve through increased interdivisional collaboration within DPI.
  • DPI staff have increased access to resources connecting SEL, school safety, and digital learning for district and school use.
  • Great teachers and leaders
  • Innovations in learning