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Revising and implementing state academic standards across multiple content areas is a complex undertaking. The Midwest Comprehensive Center has spent several years working with Iowa Department of Education staff to refine their process.

Students raise their hands
A group of technical assistance providers, including the Midwest Comprehensive Center, offered expertise and resources to help the Iowa Department of Education develop its Every Student Succeeds Act postsecondary readiness indicator.
Staff from Illinois pilot districts brainstorm at a CBE event.
Competency-based education gives students the flexibility to learn and earn credit in different ways. The Midwest Comprehensive Center is working with the Illinois State Board of Education to support 15 districts as they pilot competency-based systems.
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Minnesota Department of Education staff report that expertise and resources provided by the Midwest Comprehensive Center and College and Career Readiness and Success Center have strengthened the agency’s capacity to develop and improve career and college readiness (CCR) policies and support districts in their development of CCR programs.

A student looks at a model of a molecule.
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Midwest Comprehensive Center teamed up to reframe educators’ notions of scientific inquiry.
Young man uses machinery with help from an instructor
Think of a child you care about. How would you define success for that child? MWCC is collaborating with the Minnesota Department of Education and College and Career Readiness and Success Center to help bring a new vision of career readiness to life for Minnesota students.